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Welcome to PARI Computers!

In the year 1997, "Pari Computers" was established in Aundh, Pune, as a proprietorship firm with one guiding principle, "Harnessing Technology for enhancing the quality of life." Today as we stand transformed into PARI Computers Pvt. Ltd., we call ourselves a stop shop for IT solutions. At Pari computers, quality in functional areas is encompassing Networking, Computer Sales & Service. The stringent quality standard is maintained to ensure that only a quality product reaches the customer and ensuring the customer's total trust and confidence.

Today we have Exclusive Stores for HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and enjoy a diverse customer base ranging from corporate to the public sector, as well as defense establishments and, of course, individuals. Pari Computers is a Customer-Driven Company; closing a deal is not an epilogue, but a prologue to a new and healthy relationship. "Customer Service" is not a marketing jargon but around the clock job. It is, therefore, a company that has its fingers firmly on the pulse of the market. "Care for the customer is the main focus of the company's service department."

A competent group of sales managers ensures to give the right solution to each customer's requirements. Each product is introduced with demos, trials, and other customer education campaigns. We are not here to sell computers; we are here to help you keep pace with the dynamic worlds of Information technology.

Pari Computers Pvt Ltd. has been a leading Pune electronics retailer since 1998. In addition to offering products such as Computers, Mobile Phones, and Laptops, we also provide customizable packages and accessories. Our customers enjoy the Pari Computers shopping experience because of our decision-making resources, fast and free shipping, and professional product support. Whether you have a product that needs repairs or is looking to buy something new, Pari Computers has all your bases covered.

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